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Fess Nasal Spray With Eucalyptus 30ml

Fess Nasal Spray With Eucalyptus 30ml

9.50 AUD

DescriptionFESS® Eucalyptus is a non-medicated, PH balanced saline spray. The refreshing crisp aroma of Eucalyptus is ideal for colds and flu. • The FESS® range of products are approved by the Sensitive Choice® program of the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand. Benefits• Non-medicated• Can be used together with medicated nasal sprays, breaking down the mucus layer allows medication to penetrate more effectively• It can be used as often as required without any side effects Indications• Clears and soothes dry nasal passages• Washes away the germs that cause colds• Naturally thins mucus, so it flows away more easily• Relieves sinusitis, hayfever and colds• Stimulates the nose's natural defence mechanism Size30mL Fess Nasal Spray With Eucalyptus 30ml.

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Brand: Fess