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Fess Sinu Cleanse Nasal Irrigation Spray 100ml

Fess Sinu Cleanse Nasal Irrigation Spray 100ml

16.95 AUD

DescriptionFESS Sinu-Cleanse® is a gentle, deeply penetrating continuous spray that delivers a high volume of saline solution to wash through the nasal and sinus passages. FESS Sinu Cleanse formula is a hypertonic saline solution which is alkaline buffered. Hypertonic saline as a solution means that it is 'saltier' than regular saline and is ideal for severe congestion because the increased saltiness draws liquid out of the swollen mucous membrane to reduce swelling and helps restore normal nasal health. • The FESS® range of products are approved by the Sensitive Choice® program of the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand.Benefits• Preservative free continuous irrigation spray• Thins mucus, helps normalise the acidic environment and washes away foreign particles such as germs, pollutants, dirt dust, pollens and other allergens• It may be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding• Can be used in conjunction Fess Sinu Cleanse Nasal Irrigation Spray 100ml.

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Brand: Fess