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Caltrate Bone Health Tab X 60

Caltrate Bone Health Tab X 60

8.95 AUD

Calcium and Vitamin D are essential for maintaining strong, healthy bones.Caltrate 600mg with 500IU Vitamin D contains 600mg of elemental calcium and now with 500IU of vitamin D in each tablet, to help optimise calcium absorption.Caltrate 600mg with 500IU Vitamin D:• Helps maximise calcium absorption• Supports bone and muscle strength to help keep you movingCaltrate 600mg with 500IU Vitamin D is ideal for people who need a supplement to increase the daily calcium intake and those who do not gain enough exposure to the sun. This typically includes indoor workers, the elderly, and those who are institutionalised or living in nursing homes. This product is also for adults who are using medications that may interfere with calcium absorption or that increase calcium losses.Dosage Instructions – Adults: One or two tablets daily with liquid after a meal or as recommended by your healthcare professional. If taking two tablets daily, take each tablet at a different meal time. Caltrate Bone Health Tab X 60.

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Brand: Caltrate