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Endura Performance Hydration (Raspberry) 800g

Endura Performance Hydration (Raspberry) 800g

27.95 AUD

Clinically trialled to fuel performance• Sodium and potassium at levels recommended for athletes inendurance events• Rehydration for performance• Replaces essential electrolytes lost in sweat during exercise• Improves performance, endurance and stamina• Exclusive Meta Mag® Magnesium to prevent muscular cramps andspasms and relieve aches and pain• Dose flexibility for isotonic rehydration and hypertonic carbohydratemagnesium loading• 20 g of carbohydrates to fuel performanceEach dose contains:Magnesium amino acid chelate (Meta Mag® - Magnesium diglycinate) - 1.6 gEquiv. elemental MAGNESIUM - 163 mgSodium chloride - 446 mgEquiv. elemental SODIUM - 176 mgCalcium amino acid chelate - 210 mgEquiv. elemental CALCIUM - 42 mgPotassium citrate - 185 mgEquiv. elemental POTASSIUM - 67 mg800 g contains 32 doses – makes equivalent 11.2 litres (isotonic).2 kg contains 80 doses – makes equivalent 28 litres (isotonic).For people who are carbohydra Endura Performance Hydration (Raspberry) 800g.

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Brand: Endura