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Autili Milk Pop Chewable Tab (Paw Paw) X 180

Autili Milk Pop Chewable Tab (Paw Paw) X 180

5.85 AUD

Features and Benefits:No added sugar54% Calcium RDI* per serveFortified with extra Calcium, Vit D & A100% Natural Australian premium milk powder baseHelps promote stronger bones & healthy teethProduct Description:AUTILI Milk Pop 850mg chewable tablet contains 80% premium Australian whole milk powder and offers exceptionally delightful experience with full goodness from world’s most trusted dairy source. The unique formulation aims to meet 54% RDI of calcium per serving and is specially enriched with vitamin D & A for optimal calcium absorption and healthy vision.AUTILI Milk Pop 850mg chewable tablets are available in original (vanilla), strawberry and paw paw flavours your kids will love and deliver a perfect blend of good taste of creamy milk and delicious flavours. It can be simply taken on the go and offers great nutritional support for growing bodies that need to refuel throughout the day.Serving suggestion:Suitable for adults and children over the age of 2.10 tablets pe Autili Milk Pop Chewable Tab (Paw Paw) X 180.

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Brand: Autili