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Wealthy Health PM - Lung Support II Tab X 60

Wealthy Health PM - Lung Support II Tab X 60

26.95 AUD

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Air pollution killed 7 million people across the globe in 2012, making it the world's largest single environmental health risk. The worst victims were in low and middle-income developing countries in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific. The seriousness of Air Pollution is measured by PM2.5 Scale. Wealthy Health PM-Lung Support II has been formulated with herbs, the ingredients to provide natural defenses to protect our body and lungs from free radicals generated from cigarette smoke and air pollution. It also contains natural ingredients to relieve the symptoms of upper respiration tract infections, coughs and catarrh. Indications Supports the lung meridian Assist with catarrh of the upper respiratory tract - relieves the symptoms of cough Assist with mild allergy symptoms such as allergic rhinitis Symptomatic relief of recurrent upper respiratory tract infection Contains antioxidants, which may assist in protecting the Wealthy Health PM - Lung Support II Tab X 60.

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Brand: Wealthy Health